RVC(UK)L are able to supply a complete range of Load Restraints, Cargo Nets, Lashing Slings, Round Lashings and Associated Products to suit customers specifications and requirements. Bespoke products can be manufactured to customers designs and specifications.

All Lashings & Slings will be supplied in lengths to suit customers’ requirements and with Test Certification in accordance with the product Weight & Strength specifications applicable to the product requirements.

Please forward your requirements and specifications by email to info@rvcukl.co.uk, or via the enquiry page on our website www.rvcukl.co.uk.

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If the components you require are not featured in this catalogue please contact us directly and we will endeavour to supply the components you require.

All equipment supplied by RVC(UK)L will, where applicable, be supplied with Certificates of Conformance and the appropriate Test Certification.

All products supplied by RVC(UK)L are manufactured by OEM suppliers, unless otherwise stated.

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