RVC(UK)L are able to supply OEM components and spare parts for:

D&M, SAB Wabco, Westinghouse, KBRS, Wabtec, Faiveley, MZT and DAKO brake systems.

In addition we supply bogies, draw gear, buffers etc. suitable for the majority of rail freight and passenger rolling stock.

RVC(UK)L can on behalf of customers undertake the materials management and storage of the majority of spare parts/components. This service can be tailored to individual companies’ requirements. We will undertake the collection/overhaul and return of components from locations throughout the UK and beyond (as required).

Quotations for all RVC(UK)L Products and Services can be obtained on request.

RVC(UK)L also have exclusive agency agreements in the UK for:

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ELH GmbH & Co. KG – Manufacturers of bogies for railway wagons and passenger cars as well as track machinery and other special cars at its site hear the German city of Halle since its foundation in 1998.

Bogie types:

Y25 series
Y33 series
ELH 3 series
RC25NT track friendly series
Components and spare parts to suit all

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Aesys S.p.A – Global manufacturers of LED to LCD-TFT onboard and stationary passenger information and communication systems.

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TBM Rail Ltd. - RVC(UK)L undertake Business Development Management activities on behalf of TBM Rail Ltd. TBM are Customer Comfort Specialists operating from their Headquarters in Crewe, Cheshire. TBM have a wide variety of products and services, which ensure the safety and comfort of the travelling public.

TBM undertake the cleaning of toilets, water tanks and seating. They also undertake refurbishment of handrails and grab-rails using Nylon coatings which are impregnated with antibacterial products to minimise the spread of bacteria. Contact RVC(UK)L for further information.

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ASCO Rail Sp. Z.o.o.

Offer a variety of Railway Rolling Stock and Workshop Maintenance Solutions, which can enhance and improve operation activities, therefore improving costs and vehicle downtimes.

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Teldat, S.A. 4G LTE Connectivity for All Vehicle Types
Teldat offer a reliable Internet connection for all types of vehicles and trains. The link can be used by passengers and personnel who need them for work-related tasks and management systems alike. Being connected brings greater customer satisfaction, an optimal control of fleet operations and the incorporation of additional services that require access to the high-quality fault-free data network.

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